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Item Properties

The Item type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbilityBehavior (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyAbilityData (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyAbilityIndex (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyAbilitySlot
Returns the slot of the current ability or "-1" if it's an hidden ability or not found.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyAbilitySpecialData (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyAbilityState (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyAbilityType (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyAngles (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyAnimation (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyAssembledTime
Public propertyCanBeUsedOutOfInventory
Public propertyCastRange
Returns the cast range of the ablity for the current level.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyChannelStartTime (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyChannelTime
Returns the time in seconds the ability is being channeled.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyClassId Obsolete. (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyClassNetworkId
Gets an id representing a networked source engine class. This id will change very often.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyClassNetworkName
Gets the name of the id representing a networked source engine class.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyCooldown
Current remaining cooldown of the ability.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyCooldownLength
Returns the cooldown of the spell for the current level.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyCost
Public propertyCreateTime (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyCurrentCharges
Public propertyDamageType (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyDispellableType (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyEffectName
Returns the effect name of the PhysicalItem (when on ground).
Public propertyEnableTime
Returns the time n seconds until the item is enabled again. If 0 is returned, the item is already enabled.
Public propertyEnemyLevel (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyHandle (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyHasAltCastState (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyHasIndefiniteCooldown (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyHealth (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyId
Unique ability/item id.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIndex (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyInitialCharges
Public propertyIsActivated (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsAlertable
Public propertyIsAlive (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyIsAutoCastEnabled (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsCastedOnPickup
Public propertyIsChanneling (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsCombinable
Public propertyIsCombineLocked
Public propertyIsCooldownFrozen (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsDisassemblable
Public propertyIsDisplayingCharges
Public propertyIsDormant (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyIsDroppable
Public propertyIsEnabled
Returns true if the item is enabled and can be used. Disabled items, after swapping them from the backpack, will return false.
Public propertyIsGrantedByScepter (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsHidden (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsHidingCharges
Public propertyIsInAbilityPhase (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsInBaseShopAvailable
Public propertyIsInIndefiniteCooldown (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsInSecretShopAvailable
Public propertyIsInSideShopAvailable
Public propertyIsKillable
Public propertyIsPermanent
Public propertyIsPurchasable
Public propertyIsPurchasedWhileDead
Public propertyIsRecipe
Public propertyIsReplicated (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsRequiringCharges
Public propertyIsSellable
Public propertyIsStackable
Public propertyIsStolen (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsToggled (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyIsValid (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyIsVisible (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyItemRecipeName
Public propertyKeyValues (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyLastCastClickTime
Returns the cast point of the spell for the current level.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyLevel (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyLevelsBeetweenUpgrades (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyLifeState (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyManaCost
Returns the mana cost of the spell for the current level.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyMaximumHealth (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyMaximumLevel (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyModelName
Returns the model name of the PhysicalItem (when on ground).
Public propertyName (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyNetworkAngles (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyNetworkName (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyNetworkPosition (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyNetworkRotation (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyNetworkRotationRad (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyOldOwner
Public propertyOverrideCastPoint
Returns the cast point of the spell for the current level.
(Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyOwner (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyPosition (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyPurchaser
Public propertyPurchaserId
Public propertyPurchaseTime
Public propertyRequiredLevel (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyRotation (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyRotationRad (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyScale (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertySecondaryCharges
Public propertyShareability
Public propertySharedCooldownName (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertySpeed (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertySpellPierceImmunityType (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyTargetFlags (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyTargetTeamType (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyTargetType (Inherited from Ability.)
Public propertyTeam (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyTextureName (Inherited from Ability.)
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