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Modifier Class

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Ensage
Assembly:  Ensage (in Ensage.dll) Version:
public class Modifier : IEquatable<Modifier>

The Modifier type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbility
Public propertyAllowIllusionDuplicate
Public propertyAttributes
Gets certain attributes for this modifier.
Public propertyAuraRadius
Public propertyAuraSearchFlags
Public propertyAuraSearchTeam
Public propertyAuraSearchType
Public propertyCanParentBeAutoAttacked
Public propertyCaster
Public propertyClass
Gets the class name of the modifier.
Public propertyDieTime
Public propertyDuration
Gets the total duration of this modifier.
Public propertyElapsedTime
Gets the elapsed time in seconds.
Public propertyHandle
Returns the handle of the modifier. They are not unique between multiple units.
Public propertyIsAura
Returns true than this modifier belongs to an aura.
Public propertyIsDebuff
Returns true if this modifier is a debuff.
Public propertyIsHidden
Returns true if this modifier is hidden.
Public propertyIsPurgable
Returns true if this modifier is purgable.
Public propertyIsPurgeException
Public propertyIsStunDebuff
Returns true if this modifier is a stun debuff.
Public propertyIsValid
Returns true if the modifier still exists and is valid.
Public propertyLastAppliedTime
Gets the raw gametime when this modifier was applied last.
Public propertyModifierAura
Public propertyName
Gets the name of the modifier.
Public propertyOwner
Public propertyParent
Public propertyParticleEffects
Gets all particle effects associated with this modifier.
Public propertyRemainingTime
Gets the remaining time until this modifier runs out.
Public propertyStackCount
Gets the stack count of this modifier.
Public propertyTeam
Gets the team which this modifier belongs to.
Public propertyTextureName
Gets the texture name used for this modifier.
Public operatorStatic memberEquality
Public operatorStatic memberInequality
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